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Trumpet: Enrique Abello Blanco

Enrique Abello

Born in Orense in 1980, he starts there his musical education in 1985, first with the piano, and moves later to León where he begins learning the trumpet. He gets his Piano Teacher Degree in 1997, then his Trumpet one with professor Ignacio Climent, in 1999, with the highest mark, at the Conservatorio of Astorga. In 2004 he obtains his Piano Master Teacher Degree at the Conservatorio Superior of Salamanca, with a mark of sobresaliente, and having attended lessons mostly from Juan Carlos Alandete and Vicente Martínez. From 1994, he is member of the Banda Municipal of Astorga, and, from 1997, member of the "Ciudad de Ponferrada" Orchestra. He has been selected by the Joven Orquesta Nacional (JONDE). As part of the Quinteto de Metales ensemble of the Conservatorio Superior of Salamanca, he has been selected for the "Jóvenes en concierto" concert programme in Castilla y León, and also for the INJUVE "Circuitos de música". He has also received education in improvisation with Chris Kase at the Escuela Creativa of Madrid, thus becoming part of various ensembles, as the Big-Band of the E.M.C.

He collaborates regularly with different orchestras, from which we can mention the Orchestra of the Conservatorio Superior de Música of Salamanca, and the Symphonic Orchestra of Castilla y León. He has been teacher at the Escuela Municipal de Música of Salamanca. At present, he is Trumpet Professor by public competition of the Junta de Castilla y León.