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The Soldier: Alfonso Ribera

Alfonso Ribera

Born in León, Spain, in 1980. BA in Dramatics, RESAD, gesture performance speciality, 1999-2003. His complementary education includes, among others, a summer course in Commedia dell'Arte, in Venice with teacher Adriano Iurisevich; with Roberta Carrera, Odin Teatret company, as well as a course in contemporary dancing by José Reches and the 10x10Danza company. He has also given lessons in collaboration with Angelo Crotti, teacher of Commedia dell'Arte.

Actor in the Íñigo Ramírez de Haro's work "Un tal Pedro: el Peer Gynt que Ibsen hubiese querido escribir", now on tour. Mime-drama actor in José Piris' version of Shakespeare's "El sueño de una noche de verano", playing Puck. He has also worked with the English Theatre School Rose Bruford Collage of London, and with Ricardo Iniesta's company "Atalaya", among others.

He has directed, for the El Gato Negro company, Valle-Inclán's "Divinas Palabras", performed in the Max Estrella Night of celebrations at the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid, besides one short movie, and has taken part in dramatized readings for the Casa de América of Madrid, under direction of Guillermo Heras, Alberto Castrillo-Ferrer, Natalia Menéndez, or Elena Cánovas. He has also experience in the London professional theatre, with performances of his own, and in the television world, performing in the TVE History series production "Memoria de España".