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The Princess: Iris Muñoz

Iris Muñoz

At the age of 7, she starts her education in classic dancing at the Escuela de Luis Fuente, Madrid, with Luis Fuente and Zelma Bustillo, attending also lessons in Modern Dancing with Diana Haight Landholm. In March, 2001, she gets a degree in Classic Dancing at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza of Madrid. In 1994 she starts studying contemporary dancing with the French choreographer Francesc Bravo. During the last years she has continued her education with Christine Tanguay (Graham technique), Fernando Vera, Teresa Nieto, Pedro Berdäyes, África Morris, Michelle Man, Ana Buitrago, Carmen Werner, among others. In 1998 she is awarded with the "Premio a un Bailarín Sobresaliente" prize in the Certamen Coreográfico of Madrid, including an invitation to the American Dance Festival in North Carolina. At present, she teaches contemporary dancing at the Carmen Roche school, in Madrid.

During 1992 and 1993 she is member of the Compañía de Danza Luis Fuente, taking part as a dancer in "Rosaliana", with Amancio Prada, "Opus 92", "Sinfonía en C de Bizet", etc. Starting in 1996, she has worked with several companies of contemporary dancing: with Rayo Malayo, of Francesc Bravo, in the outdoor show "El Interior", Madrid en Danza (1996), and the Drodesera Festival (Trento and Dro, Italy), "Visto y leído, no miro" Danza en el Metro programme, Madrid; 1998 "Kanal directo", Sala Cuarta Pared, Madrid en Danza Festival, Mercado of Fuencarral, and Teatro Pradillo... That year she takes part as a dancer in the show "The Soldier's Tale" with the Plural Ensemble in Santiago de Compostela, III International Festival of Music of Galicia. In 2000 she premières the outdoor show "Dens oli y pedra", En Pe de Pedra Festival held in Santiago de Compostela; FITEC of Getafe, and in the Festival de Sobresaltos of Bucaramanga (Colombia). Apart from the Espacios Insólitos programme in the Madrid en Danza Festival, she has worked in other concert halls like the "Sala Cuarta Pared", in Madrid, Teatro Jovellanos of Gijón, Teatro Olimpia, in Madrid, or the European Fair of Theatre for Children (FETEN), as well as in the Certamen Coreográfico of Madrid in 1996 and 1997, the International Dancing Festival in Tesalonica (Greece), and in the International Music and Dancing Festival of Granada, among others.