Musical Section

Percussion: Rodrigo Martínez Roncero

Rodrigo Martinez

Born in Zamora in 1980, he starts his musical education at the age of 8 at the Escuela del Consorcio del Fomento Musical of Zamora. Two years later he enters the Conservatorio de Música of Zamora, where he learns the violin up to the fourth year. At the same time, he also studies percussion with J.L. Petit. In 1995 he enters the Conservatorio Profesional of Salamanca, being there pupil of José Andrés Sáez, Carlos Lara, and Alejandro Sancho. Besides, he has finished improvement courses with Pascual Osa Martínez, Ciro Rodríguez Perelló, Cristina Llorens Esteve, Ney Gabriel Rosauro, Pedro Vicedo, Pedro Esteban, Eliseo Parra, Miguel Bernat, and Octors-Gustin Georges; and orchestra performance and pedagogy courses with Antonio García-Palao and Carles Riera. He has been member of the Banda de Zamora for 9 years, and has collaborated with several Zarzuela ensembles, with the Joven Orquesta of Castilla y León, Banda Ciudad de Salamanca, Percussion Quartet, and Symphonic Orchestra of the Conservatorio Superior de Salamanca.

He is member of the Joven Orquesta Nacional de España (JONDE), where he has worked with teachers like Jeff Prentice, Gustavo Gimeno, Alfredo Anaya, Lorenzo Ferrandiz and Mike Schäperclaus, and has played with conductors like James Ross, Lutz Köhler, Ignacio Yepes, Josep Pons, Gunther Schuller, and Josep Vicent. At present, he continues his education at the Conservatorio Superior de Música of Salamanca with Tomás Martín, and assiduously carries out percussion courses at the folk schools in Zamora, Los Valles of Benavente, and Ferreruela de Tábara.