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Narrator: Josep Albert

Josep Albert

Born in Ontinyent, Valencia. BA in Dramatics, RESAD (1999). He belongs (1998-2000) to the "Estudio de Formación del Actor" of the Teatro de la Abadía, Madrid, directed by José Luis Gómez, and has finished several performance courses in the Teatre Jove of the Fundación Shakespeare. 1990 and 1995: studies with Tapa Sudana, actor of Peter Brook, in several occasions, as well as Peter Bogdanov, learning technics of biomechanics. He has also finished courses by Ulla Alasjarvi, member of the Odin Teatre, as well as courses held in the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico.

Professional experience

For the Teatro de la Abadía company:

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