Musical Section

Musical Direction / Conductor: Luis Miguel Abello

Luis Miguel Abello

Born in 1977, Luis Miguel Abello starts his musical education at the age of 5 with Fernando de Sousa, continuing it later at the Conservatorio of León, with Belén Ordoñez, and at the Conservatorio Superior of Salamanca, with Celia Camarero, where he gets, in 1996, a Master Degree in Piano with a mark of Sobresaliente and Honours, and, in 1999, a Master Degree in Camera Music, with the same marks. Besides, from 1992, he is pupil of concert pianist Leonel Morales. During years 1999-2000 he finishes a postgraduate Camera Music course at the C.S.M. of Salamanca, with professors Kenedi Moretti and Alberto Rosado. In June, 2002 he finishes an "Erste Diplomprüfung" Degree in Orchestra and Choir Conduction at the "Universitat für Musik Graz" (Austria). In 2004 he finishes his conduction education, obtaining the Bakkalaureatstudium Degree in Orchestra Conduction, with Martin Sleghart, as well as in Choir Conduction, with Johannes Prinz.

As a pianist, he has participated in various concerts and recitals in Spain and abroad. In León, in the Primer Memorial Ángel Barja, in 1998, and the First and Second Concert Programmes of the Excma. Diputación, as well as in Salamanca, Santander, Valladolid, Burgos, Toledo... In Madrid, in several Centros Culturales and other Concert Halls, Nicolás Salmerón, La Lonja, Conde Duque... Also, in the Leopold-Mozart Saal, at the Salzburg Mozarteun during the Sommerakademie of 1995. In 1997 he receives an invitation to the X Spanish Music Festival in León, where he premières the work "Miraflores" from Alejandro Yagüe. In 1999 he takes part as a soloist with the Instrumental Ensemble of the C.SM. of Salamanca, conducted by José Luis Temes. He is a founder member of the "Trío Contrastes", where he develops an intense concert activity, especially with contemporary and Spanish music, and which has been selected for the Junta de Castilla y León "Jóvenes en concierto" music programmes, as well as taking part in the XIV Spanish Music Festival of León, with premières of works by J. Artana and F. Colás. In 2002, he has been on tour visiting various towns across Europe, like Viena or Graz, performing a Spanish contemporary music programme, and with the première of the work Salamanca, by D. Eberhard. He is also member, as a saxophonist, of the Banda Municipal de Música of Astorga, from 1995, and member of the "Atresonanz Ensemble", a contemporary camera music ensemble, where he has also participated in several premières of Spanish composers in Austria, in concert halls like the "Kulturzentrum des Minoriten", etc.

He has attended various courses and masterclasses in Improvisation, Pedagogy, and Piano Performing with teachers of the stature of Albert Nieto, Emilio Molina, Edith Pitch-Axenfeld, Jorge Leyt, Leonel Morales, Aquiles delle Vigne, Luca Chiantore, etc., in harpsichord, with David Hoyland, as well as courses in Orchestra Conduction, from which we can point up the ones with conductors Enrique García Asensio, Joachim Harder, and Daniel Baremboim. From 1998 he participates as a pianist in the "Ciudad de Astorga" Music courses. He has been also a teacher at the Escuela Municipal de Música of Salamanca, during 1998-2000. He has conducted in Austria, among others, the Sinfonietta Orchestra, University of Graz Camera Orchestra, Sinfonisches Bläserorchester des KUG, Contemporary Music Ensemble, Studiochor, University of Graz KammerChor, Choir of the KUG, as well as the Coro Mondo Musicale. From January, 2002, to 2004, he has been conductor of the G.V. Peggau-Deutshfeistritz. In Spain, he has also conducted the "Odón Alonso" Ciudad de León Symphonic Orchestra, and in Hungary he has been conductor in various seminars with the Philarmonic Orchestra of Györ. At present, he is conductor of the "Coral Excelsior", and also carries on his concert activity in Spain and abroad, with projects both as a soloist and with several orchestras and choirs.